Milkshakes In Alaska

Totem Pole In The SnowToday was Thursday (at least at the time of me writing this). Apparently in my office, Thursday is also milkshake day because the ice cream shop nearby has half off milkshakes. Ok… I’m game. And hey, it’s only right over there across the street. We can walk! Alrighty then. So today I bundled up for lunch and walked around a quarter of a mile in the nice fresh powder snow to the ice cream shop. Actually we went into a Fred Meyers first, it’s sort of like a Super Walmart to get lunch. They have a decent deli and hot foods counter and I ordered some chicken fingers and an egg roll. No veggies for me! Then we made our way to the ice cream shop where my boss treated us all to a large milkshake of our choosing. It was really quite fun and I think that the cold is starting to grow on me. Sometimes I think, “Wow, it sure is freezing!” Then other times I think, “Hey, I’m not sweating profusely like I would be in Florida!”