Walking In The Snow – Alaska

University of Alaska Fairbanks

Today I got out with my partner in crime and we drove around a bit. A few people told us that we could find some nice views at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Ok, I’m down with that. So we headed over there and got some nice snapshots. You can view them by clicking the header image above. There was a set of metal steps that went down a path pretty steeply, and we actually walked it. I thought a couple of times that I was going to slip and go flying down the length of the steps. Thankfully that did not happen and instead we just had a good time walking around, freezing our butts off.

Afterwards we took the long way around back to town and saw some truly beautiful sites along the highway. It’s amazing how the snow covering everything just makes it look so beautiful. Dinner at McDonald’s… mmmm. Then we went to the sporting store and I got some snow pants and a new jacket. Why? Cause tomorrow we are going to try and go snowboarding! Woohoo. Of course I’ll be sure to get some pictures up there and let you know how it goes.