Coding And Eating In Alaska

Junk Covered In Snow

Today I actually started working in some of the application code for the new company (Rogers Software Development). Woohoo! Of course it always takes a little while to learn the software architecture and engineering climate of a new group and they started me out with some fairly easy tasks that I can start learning on. It was good to feel like I’m finally getting my feet wet. The company gave me and my colleague each a gift card from one of the local restaurants, Brewsters, so we headed there for dinner right after work. We each had an Alaskan Amber beer on tap… mmmm. I had a cajun spiced top sirloin and it was very good. Anyway, when we left the restaurant we were greeted with falling snow. It was quite a bit and had already covered the roof of the car and windshield, etc. It’s very neat to be able to be in such a place like this during winter and experience snow, ice and freezing cold weather. One of the guys at work said that the weather people are expecting the temperature to drop to around -50 F in the next couple of weeks. Grand. It is a once in a lifetime (perhaps) experience and I’m glad to be here. Though, I am very much missing my family.

Until next time!