You Got It…

This morning I got a call from Macaroni Grill letting me know that I got the job if I was still interested.  I was shocked!  I start training on Saturday and then continue my training through next week.  I will be running food on Friday and Saturday of next week.  This comes to us with good and bad feelings as Jonathan just had a great interview in Ft. Walton and could actually have a job where he’d be commuting 2 hours each day.  I couldn’t work if that were the case and I’d have to tell Macaroni Grill about that new situation and it would be awkward, but who knows if he’s going to get that job.  We can hope.  We don’t know so I am moving ahead with Macaroni Grill just in case. Something inside is happy that with the two major restaurant closings in town (Copelands & Smokey Bones) and all the applicants that were looking for jobs that I made it to the acceptance call.  It’s just a waiting job, but I think that it was encouraging none the less.

Anyway, God is in control and He knows what needs to happen in our family right now and He always provides for our every need… abundantly and above.

Thanks for your prayers,