Job Hunt Update

I had another interview today with a company in Fort Walton Beach, FL. It went very well from would what I could gather, though I was pretty nervous. (Apparently my grammar is getting worse) I guess the past month and a half has somewhat shaken my confidence level in the face of being scrutinized by other technical people. I could also tell that the gentleman interviewing me was very intelligent and knowledgeable about many facets of the software and computer industry. He was very nice though.

The interview consisted of the basic formalities followed by a list of technical questions designed to weed out the morons. Then he handed me some homework! Yeah, I actually get to write a program for them and turn that back in before they complete my assessment. Following that portion I was handed off to the human resources and got the whole benefits package rundown.

Overall I really liked what I saw of the company and pray that if that is where God wants me during this time that He will place me there. Of course… duh! If He, the maker of the universe, wants me to be there then of course I’ll get the job. I just pray that I’ll be able to hear God’s voice and know that it’s the right decision.

One really interesting thing about the whole experience was the location. It is in the exact same location as a previous job that I had where I was commuting to Fort Walton Beach. When I say exact, I mean the very same door in the very same shopping center. Of course they opened up the back wall and extended it into another region of the building to create a LOT more space then when I worked over there. What was the previous job? Selling beepers and cell phones. Fun.