First Day On The Job

My first day on the job was… well, as you would expect any first day to be. I spent the first half with the human resources lady filling out paperwork and getting the business of formalizing my employment done. There was also a drug screening for which I was not so prepared. I had the long drive to Fort Walton accompanied by my morning coffee so my first order of business upon entering the facility was to use the restroom. Of course I immediately got shipped off to give a sample for the drug screening. And of course I couldn’t go when I got there. So after the first failed attempt I sat in the front of their little building and read a magazine for almost an hour waiting until had to urinate. It’s funny, the office actually called while I was away to make sure I hadn’t gotten lost or anything else bad had happened to me.

My new supervisor and an entourage of software developers escorted me to Godfather’s Pizza for lunch, their treat. It was very nice and relaxed… good conversation. I got see a little bit more into the lives of the people I will be working with. I found out two of them share my enthusiasm for the martial arts.

After lunch I basically made sure I could logon to the network, I checked my email and read through a lot of information: insurance information, various employment paperwork, etc. I was able to look on as one of the developers did some software testing and I read through the release notes for the product they were currently working on. That’s about it. I didn’t expect to get much more than that during the first day, so nothing out of the ordinary.

All of the people I have met and interacted with so far have been extremely nice. I’ve also worked with several of the employees there already so it was good to see them again. I’m excited about working for this company and expect that it will be a great move forward in my career.