Daddy’s Home!

I got home from my first day away at work a little after 7 PM. I was greeted by the three most beautiful children in the world all screaming, “Daddy’s home!” That’s a very nice way to walk into your home. They had waited for me to get home before eating so we got to business of dinner pretty quickly after that. Aubrey had prepared a delicious meal and got the table set and kids in place while I changed into some more comfortable clothes.

Of course my youngest daughter, Avery the 14 month old, did not last through the entire dinner. She kept holding her hands up to me and saying, “Da-da!” Then she points her finger down on her highchair tray. So I ask her, “Do you want to get down?” She responds by grabbing both sides of the tray and lifting with all her might accompanies by a little grunting sound. I hadn’t seen her all day so I got her down and… yeah, you guessed it… she lead me right down the hallway and to her bedroom. We did blocks first this time, skipping the book reading. She then got one of her many musical toys and proceeded to perform a little spinning dance for me. When the music stopped she pushed the button to start it up again and went back to dancing. All the while she is watching me to make sure I’m paying close attention.

I’m glad I’ve had this time at home with all of my children. It will be a tough getting used to being away from them for so long during the day.