Well, this has been an exciting month for us as I’m sure it has been for many people. Ragan started 1st grade at Alethia Christian Academy. It is a major change from a large Kindergarden room with many “centers” and friends sitting together around tables to a smaller room, desks in a row, and no centers. She seems to really be enjoying it already though. She’s excited about the year ahead. Gavin started Preschool this month at Alethia as well. He ran to his class on the first day and told me that he loves going to school. I (Aubrey) am dealing with a changing identity with two children in school and only Avery at home, but so far, I’m enjoying this new stage. Avery continues to be such a sweet girl. At 12 weeks and 16.1 lbs she is an arm full of love. We are enjoying watching her grow and develop into an alert, observant, little baby. She loves to hear Ragan sing to her and watch Gavin as he plays with his many bugs and dinosaurs all around her. They both change their voices to a sweet high-pitched tune when they interact with her and you can tell she loves it by the way her whole body smiles in response. Both Ragan and Gavin began playing soccer for the YMCA here in town and have their first games on August 26th. We can’t wait to attend our first games. Jonathan continues to work at Smart Cop. He has started running early in the mornings and is loving the rush of adrenaline he gets from that.

Until Next Time,