Avery’s 6 weeks

We can hardly believe that Avery is already 6 weeks old! Time flew by too quickly and now our newborn baby is 12.2 lbs! Yes, we did it again…a big baby. She is such a happy little lady and we are thankful for her. She caught her first cold this past week and had to visit the Dr. Poor baby really doesn’t appreciate the saline drops and suctioning that is taking place around here. Milestones include smiling at her Daddy and I, ahh-goo sounds, blowing rasberries, a trip to the movies, and her first shower. I must say that she loves the shower.
Ragan and Gavin have been very active this Summer, although I was worried that they would be bored to death since we just had a baby, and they have done lots of fun things with friends and family…Vacation Bible School, swimming at Grahm & Grandaddy’s, the Movies (Ice Age 2 & Curious George), trips to the library & various playdates with friends. Ragan got her hair cut to her shoulders and she absolutely loves it! Her Daddy is especially pleased with his big girl’s new do. She feels so happy that Mommy is no longer working on the tangles in her hair. Gavin is really becoming more social. He asks to go places with people and is venturing out away from Mommy more. He is really growing up and becoming a polite little man. We enjoy watching him love on Avery by rubbing her hair and sniffing it so that it tickles his nose. Both of the kids love her and have been very attentive and helpful. We feel so blessed!