My Sweetheart and Me

My wife and I actually had some time out a while back. After dropping the kids off with my parents we headed to one of our favorite restaurants, Bonefish Grill, and had a very nice (and quiet) meal. Afterwards we headed over to the movie theatre and watched The Dark Knight (yeah it’s been that long ago). Anyway, I’d never done this, but Aubrey insisted we get our picture made in one of those booths while we were there. It was fun of course and we had some funny pictures to take away with us. I just looked up at my whiteboard and saw them hanging there so I thought I’d share them with the world. Of course, I may be in trouble for posting these… but hey, life is short!

Return of the Migraine

It’s been over four months since I had a migraine, so I guess I’ve started to forget what they were like. It’s almost as if I never had them; just a faint memory of a bad time in my life. Yesterday evening it struck again though. It was very unexpected.

Right after dinner the kids, Aubrey and I were playing “hide and seek” in the house; one of Avery’s favorite games. I was perfectly fine though I started noticing a slight headache towards the end. No problem. I took some Extra Strength Tylenol and downed a Diet Coke. It seemed not too long after it was getting worse, but I’ve had several headaches since the migraines and just attributed it as such. Pretty soon the light was killing my eyes and sound was a baine to my existence. The screws were being tightened down like a vice around my brain.

With defeat in my heart I took some migraine meds and covered my head with a pillow. Pretty soon I was off to bed and fast asleep leaving Aubrey to tend to bedtime routines with the kids. Man, I really hate those things!

On The Destruction Of Rain Forests

Yesterday I personally contributed to the destruction of an entire rain forest. Well… that may be a slight exaggeration. I did cut my back yard, though, which was pretty darn close to the same thing.

You see a couple of weeks ago I broke the handle to our lawnmower. And when I say broke, I mean broke. The metal just snapped in two right near the base of the handle where it attaches to the actual lawnmower. Sometimes I guess I just don’t know my own strength! We didn’t (and still don’t) really have the money to just go out and buy a new lawnmower or have it fixed, so our yard went into wild mode. Our neighbor (a lawyer) mowed our front lawn last week out of pity… or perhaps our yard was so bad that it reflected on his property value.

Anyway, my wife’s grandfather was able to procure a lawnmower handle for free (MANY THANKS!) and so I was able to fix it yesterday and mow the lawn. It took several hours even though we don’t have that large a yard. The “wheat field” in the back yard (as the kids called it) was up to my knees and so it was slow going just so that the engine didn’t bog to a halt.

All this was after I ran 6.36 miles yesterday as well! I actually lost a total of 8 pounds during yesterday, which I attributed to water weight. But when I checked this morning I kept about 5 of it off! So the formula works: burn more calories than you eat = weight loss.

May I Take Your Order?

I stumbled across this blog post that had me laughing and in stitches. I seriously haven’t read anything this funny in a while. Apprently some guy was overseas and went out to eat at a nice restaurant. His wife informed him that the menu was in English as well. The mangled English translation was so good that the guy bought the menu from the restaurant and then posted pieces of it on his blog with commentary. Absolutely hilarious!

WARNING: There are a few choice NSFC (not safe for children) words mixed in, but it’s not blatantly obscene or anything.

How Do You Like The New Theme?

I installed a new theme on the Franzone Family Blog. It was way past time for a change and the other theme I was using didn’t support the latest version of WordPress. This theme is called Fervens and was created by a site called Design Disease. I was showing somebody the new look and the response I got was, “Oh, this is your site! I didn’t realize that because it looks professional.”


Hmmm, I’ve been working in the software engineering and web development industry for around 10 years now. I always thought I was a professional, but oh well. lol