Return of the Migraine

It’s been over four months since I had a migraine, so I guess I’ve started to forget what they were like. It’s almost as if I never had them; just a faint memory of a bad time in my life. Yesterday evening it struck again though. It was very unexpected.

Right after dinner the kids, Aubrey and I were playing “hide and seek” in the house; one of Avery’s favorite games. I was perfectly fine though I started noticing a slight headache towards the end. No problem. I took some Extra Strength Tylenol and downed a Diet Coke. It seemed not too long after it was getting worse, but I’ve had several headaches since the migraines and just attributed it as such. Pretty soon the light was killing my eyes and sound was a baine to my existence. The screws were being tightened down like a vice around my brain.

With defeat in my heart I took some migraine meds and covered my head with a pillow. Pretty soon I was off to bed and fast asleep leaving Aubrey to tend to bedtime routines with the kids. Man, I really hate those things!