Adoption Update: Home Study Packet Done

Hello friends and family. We are happy to announce that earlier this week we submitted our Home Study Packet to the adoption agency. What does that mean, you ask? Well, it was a large packet of documentation which had to be completed and turned in prior to our home studies. It was an exciting moment for Aubrey and I as we checked off one more requirement between us and meeting our new child.

So, what’s left? How soon can we expect a baby? These are the questions we get most often and so I’d like to answer them for you.

What’s Left?

These are the steps, as we understand them, the associated costs and our progress.

  1. Submit a Formal Application for Adoption
    This has been completed, including our initial $600 application fee.
  2. Submit the Home Study Packet
    This is the step we just completed, including a $2400 fee.
  3. Adoption Education Class
    This is a two-day class that we will be taking at the end of this month.
  4. Home Studies
    Someone from the adoption agency will be conducting home studies, during which they will come into our home and interview us. We’re not exactly certain what to expect here, even though we’ve read quite a bit on the subject and have heard from other friends that have been through the process. There will be 3-4 of these and they will most likely (as of now) start sometime in August. At the end of the process and upon approval of our home study there will be $5000 due.
  5. Matching Process
    During this process the agency will be searching for a match for us and our new baby. Our selected agency allows mothers the ability to select families for their baby, so we’ll have a family portfolio that will be presented. We also have a say in whether or not we will accept a baby, however, Aubrey and I are quite agreed that we will accept any child that the Lord sees fit to bring us. Hopefully, this will hasten the process. Once we are successfully matched there is a $3000 birth parent expense fee due. This helps to care for the expecting birth mother and child.
  6. Placement!
    This is when we take custody of our new baby. There is a possibility that we’d be able to bring the baby home directly from the hospital after its birth. The final payment of $14,000 is due on the day of placement.

How Soon Can We Expect a Baby?

Well, unfortunately this is the great unknown of the process. We’ve heard about instances where it has taken place within months, and then cases where it has taken over a year. We are praying that since we have no selection criteria (ethnicity, sex, etc.) that it will be easier to find a match for us. One thing is certain, though… we have to complete our home studies first. So, that is next on the horizon.


Thanks to many of you who have already given, we were able to pay the $2400 home study packet fee. The church we attend is also holding more funds that have been given so that we may apply them towards upcoming expenses. If you would like to know how to support us, please see this page [Support the Franzones].

We are truly overwhelmed by your generosity, love and support. Thank you, all!

Photo Credit: Daniel Kulinski via Compfight cc