Tornado Damage in Alabama

The company I work for (Columbia Southern University) is based in Alabama and they have been very involved in relief efforts for the areas that were recently affected by the tornadoes. Here are some pictures that they have distributed to the company; I thought I’d share them.

Tuscaloosa, AL

These two photos were taking from a helicopter that was assessing the damage around the Tuscaloosa, AL area. The first photo was taken as the flight was heading back into Tuscaloosa from the East on Western heading. You can see the wide path of destruction for miles back in to the town. You can see Bryant-Denney Stadium on the top right of the photo to give you a perspective of how close it came to the University of Alabama.

This next photo was from inside Tuscaloosa at neighborhoods that are now destroyed. Many streets are open through the area and this is very easy to get in to. But the people who live there are not so friendly right now to sight seekers.

Cullman, AL

Part of the relief efforts include my company “adopting” Cullman, AL. As part of that they sent a group of people to the area with relief supplies. Here are some up close photos from that area.

Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway), the people in these affected areas could really use your prayers and support.