First Marathon : Sitting On G…

“Sitting on G and ready to GO!”. It is Saturday, November 13, 2010… the day before my very first marathon. For any of you who may still have some questions about me and about marathons, here are the most common questions and answers that I’ve fielded over the past 6 months or so.

  1. How far is a marathon?
    26.2 miles
  2. And you want to run that far!?
  3. Is there an angry mob or wild beasts chasing you?
    No, I just like running
  4. How long will that take?
    I’m hoping to come in around 5 1/2 hours. It’s my first marathon and I’m not trying to set any records; I just want to finish
  5. Are you crazy?
    Why yes, I believe I am, a bit.

It has been a real roller coaster training for this, but alas the training is done. I peaked out at a 20 mile run several weeks ago and have been tapering down. I just ran a few short runs earlier this week and will go out for a 2 miler today just loosen things up a bit. I’m not sure how I’ll do, but I just have to trust my training at this point and do my best.

Unlike my 20 mile training run, I won’t be alone in this race. Of course, there are quite a number of people racing that I’ll be with. Additionally, a good friend from church is going to come out and run the last half with me. He’s run many marathons before and it’ll be nice to have a friend along side, spurring me on to the finish.