Jonathan Braided

This weekend we went over to some good friends house that had invited us for dinner. They are a Jamaican couple and at some point during the night Aubrey brought up to them that I had mentioned wanting to “corn row” my hair. The lady kindly obliged and let me know she’d be glad to braid my hair for me. It took about an hour and the reactions from my family were somewhat mixed. My wife said it looked freaky, my youngest daughter didn’t like it all (I think it scared her a little). My son thought it just looked goofy. I liked it though. What do you think?


I wore it all the next day. It made my run on Saturday very enjoyable; the wind cooled my head nicely and I didn’t have to worry about hair sticking to my neck. I even attended a birthday party for someone at our church. It was fun seeing the mixed reactions and surprised looks on faces when people saw me.

Of course my silky, smooth (white people) hair didn’t want to hold it that long. It was already starting to droop a bit on the sides and in back at the end of Saturday. Mix that with the fact that I absolutely have to wash my hair every day and it was a foregone conclusion that it had to come out. The results of that were equally as humorous as you can see below. One word… poof!