Resolution 1) Running / Training

Well, this year I have “resolved” to increase my training in the area of running/jogging. In my original post I specified 3 goals that I wanted to reach. I’d like to take a little time to talk about these goals in detail, how I will obtain the goals and how I’ve been doing so far.


1) Pensacola Double Bridge Run (15k)

It’s been my goal to run in the Pensacola Double Bridge Run for several years now and something always seems to come up. One year I was injured so I couldn’t run. Last year, I was in Alaska… Brrrr. This year is my year! I know it. So how am I reaching the goal?

For one, I just registered for the event (February 7, 2009). Spending money usually motivates me to complete something as I can’t stand to waste money.

Pensacola Double Bridge Registration

Second, and probably most importantly, I have been training. I had some issues with my feet back in November and December; however, after buying some new shoes I am back on track. I try to run at least three times a week now, four if I can manage. Those usually include shorter runs during the week which I work on speed/pace. Then I’ll run a longer distance on the weekend; this past weekend I ran 8.5 miles! Here are some graphs of my progress from Nike+.

This just shows the days on which I ran and how far I ran.

This was my last run, during which I set a new personal best for the average minutes per mile (9′ 13″). Go me!


2) Half Marathon

On the road to running a full-on marathon (26.2 miles) I would like to run in a half marathon this year (13.1 miles). I’ve seen some training programs online that include a marathon training program that is around 4 – 6 months. I may just jump into one of these training programs knowing that I’ll reach a half marathon along the way, or I may pick one specifically for the half marathon. I haven’t decided yet. My focus right now is the 15k run so I’ll re-focus after that and get on track! I also need to find an event to run in.


3) Train for a Marathon in 2010

I want to take my first marathon seriously and carefully. Seriously meaning that I really want to do it. I want to train with that goal in the forefront of my mind and have obtainable milestones along the way. Carefully meaning, I don’t want to be injured! So I’ll be taking my body’s feedback in constant consideration and only pushing myself up to a safe point. Of course as I discussed in the last goal I’ll be choosing a training program. These are generally created by people far more experienced than I am, so I want to glean whatever wisdom from others that I can.



Well, that’s it for now I suppose. I am running a bit behind on one of my goals to track my resolutions. I’d planned on blogging about each one during the first 2 weeks of January. Oh well, now that I’ve started hopefully it’ll be easier. Thanks to all who continue to support and encourage me! God bless.