Jeff Dunham – Spark Of Insanity

Breathing life into an elderly curmudgeon, or a purple human-like creature from the Micronesian islands, or even a self-effacing, talking jalapeno-on-a-stick, Jeff Dunham is “straight man” to some of the funniest partners in show business.

Jeff has amassed legions of loyal fans throughout the United States and abroad with thousands of sold-out theater and comedy club performances, countless television guest spots including numerous Tonight Show appearances with both Leno and Carson and with two top-rated specials on Comedy Central.

He continues to win great accolades and success for one simple reason: Jeff and his buddies are funny as hell. Oh, and by the way… Jeff Dunham is a ventriloquist.

Jeff Dunham’s “Spark of Insanity” tour tickets go on sale to the general public Friday, October 3, 2008. This one IS showing at the Pensacola Civic Center. 😉 How much are tickets? Looks like $39.50 across the board. Here are some video samples of Jeff in action to wet your appetite for hilarity.

This is on of Jeff’s oldest personalities, Peanut:

This one is really funny. It’s Jeff and Achmed the Dead Terrorist:

Here is another public favorite, Walter:

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