Teach Children Math Using Video Games

As we all know from our own personal childhoods, either you “get” and love math or you don’t. If your child is not enthusiastic about learning math, and even if they are, then this company has come up with a great tool which motivates kids to learn math without even knowing it!

Teach Children Math

Big Brainz, Inc. has created a PC video game called Timez Attack, an extremely submersive role playing game (RPG) that forces your child to use their math skills in order to advance in the game. The game follows a little green guy through dungeons and high tech looking areas where he encounters multiple obstacles including locked doors, strange mechanicle devices, dragons and ogres. In order to get around these obstacles the child is given simple math problems and must respond correctly in the given amount of time or they cannot continue. Our oldest two children have sat in front of the game and they are really excited about playing. Not only that, but they are working on their math reflexes and having fun at the same time!

There is a FREE Version that you can play from the 2s through 12s (multiplication). The Full Home Version is available for only $39.99.

Here are few screenshots of the game: