Countdown To Alaska

I have formally accepted a position with Rogers Software Development, Inc. based in Fairbanks, Alaska. It is a work from home position doing computer and/or web programming… pretty much what I usually do. The interesting thing here though is that I am required to be on location in Fairbanks, AK for one month to complete training and I suppose to get thoroughly integrated into the company. So, I will be gone for most of the month of January. This is of course a very exciting adventure as I have never been to Alaska, but I will definitely be missing my family while away.

Anyway, I wanted to start a post series leading up to my departure. In these posts I’ll be sharing different things I have discovered in researching my destination. For this initial installation I bring you the ArcticCam. This is a webcam located in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner building in Fairbanks, Alaska and it overlooks downtown Fairbanks, the Chena River and the Cushman Street Bridge. My wife actually found this site, so many thanks to her. Now that I know I am going I check it daily just to see what it looks like and how cold it is there. My first reaction upon loading the cam was, “Wow, that just looks cold!”

Downtown Fairbanks, Alaska from

At the time this was taken it was showing 21 ° F, which has been the warmest that I’ve seen it since I started monitoring the site. The image has been cropped down slightly so click through to the site to view the full picture and the latest image.