I Broke My Odometer

Since I’ve been making the daily trek to Fort Walton I have taken up the task of tracking my gas mileage. I’m not sure why, I guess it’s just something to do besides complain about how much gas I’m using. I had to fill up yet again this morning and so entered the pertinent data into my gas mileage log. Hmm… that’s odd. I only got five miles per gallon this time. Oh, I see the problem. I entered the miles from the odometer incorrectly.

So I left the building and went to my truck to get a true value. I’d have to subtract the fifty miles since my drive over, but I could get close enough. Oh that’s great! The trip meter is still at zero and the odometer reads exactly what I had written down. Drat! The thing is broken.

So why do you care about all of this? I have no idea… after all you’re the one reading it. 🙂