But I Don’t Want To Go To Sleep Daddy

I’ve been the good ole Mr. Mom quite a bit lately as Aubrey is working many hours trying to make some income. It’d help if I would get off my rump and find a job, right? Just kidding… hopefully I’ll be hearing back from a company in Fort Walton this week with good news (keep praying).

Anyway, my baby girl, Avery and I have somewhat of a routine now. We get the older two kids in bed and then I walk her until she falls to sleep. Spoiled? Yeah, maybe just a wee bit. That’s ok… it’s my last little girl. We were keeping her in her room to go to sleep and sometimes just laying her in the crib, but now that she is sharing the room with Ragan it is a bit more challenging. So I’m walking her around in my bedroom the other night with the lights off and the ceiling fan going. Avery was snuggled into my neck and her body was limp. For all I knew she was fast asleep and I was about to take her to her crib. Then  to my surprise I hear a little farting sound and a tickle on my neck. Avery has just blown on my neck. She sits up in my arms and giggles at me. She then goes back to my neck and does it again. 🙂 How can you be mad at that? How cute?

Kids do all sorts of things to try and keep themselves awake. Why? When I am tired I like to lay down and just go to sleep. Why do all kids have this strange hatred for sleep? I think it is because they believe they will miss something if they close their eyes. I don’t know; just a theory.