Tip Of The Iceberg

Tip Of The IcebergMost people know the idiom, “it’s just the tip of the iceberg.” No? Well, then it can be defined as being only a hint or suggestion of a much larger or more complex issue or problem. Hold that thought.

About a month ago I found out quite abruptly that I was losing my main source of income. Most of you know this and have been praying for us. Right around the time of my being officially “let go” I was contacted about interviewing for a job here in town (Pensacola, FL). The interview went extremely well and it seemed to me that everything was pointing to this being the perfect job/opportunity for me. Everything just fit right. Time went on… and on… and as most of you now know I finally heard back from them on Thursday of this week (June 28). They decided not to hire me because of my lack of a college degree. I’ll save that topic for another blog and another day.

So back to icebergs… what does that mean? How does that apply here? Well, this is exactly how I felt hearing this news. I thought I had been patient and exercising walking in faith during the past month. How could this not be the job? Then I got the news and it’s as if my eyes were opened up to this huge iceberg underneath the ocean that I had not previously seen. My breath was taken from me and all I could think was, “My God. How can I do this?” Even with the abundant cocktail of pharmaceuticals I’m on, depression set in pretty fast and hard. I had previously received good news and an initial project for some contract work, which I was needing to start on. Still I felt it very hard to smile or laugh or be myself. Tears were not far from the surface and it was only by stubbornness that they did not flow.

I made it through the day and managed to bury myself in hard work. After the kids were in bed I had a chance to confide in my best friend, my wife, and she comforted me and listened. Today was better and I actually finished the initial project that I was assigned by the new client. The invoice has been sent and hopefully they will prove to be faithful in making fast payments. He has already stated that he has more work for me, so I am excited to be active and bringing in some money to help with the stack of bills on my desk.

For those of you that may be concerned: we do have food, the lights are still on, the internet is still working (obviously) and we are doing fine. I’m not really sure where God is leading me on this career path, but please pray for guidance. If it is His will for me to continue to do contract work then I’m sure He will provide the clients and work.

God bless.