New Orleans Marathon Recap

икона за подаръкХудожник I finished my second full marathon this weekend in New Orleans at the 2012 Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans. These are just a few highlights from the trip and the race. Thanks to everyone who supported me in training, life and virtually on Facebook and other social networks! Sleepless Night After a yummy (and pricey) dinner at Borgne Restaurant, inside the Hyatt Regency Hotel, we settled into our room to relax. The rest of the evening was… Read More »

2011 New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! It is once again that time; time to make resolutions, promises and goals that we’ll never keep. I’m sure all of the health clubs out there love January because of the most likely number one resolution made: lose weight. I considered skipping this year, but I’ve been doing this for several years now and have actually made good progress towards goals that I wanted to keep. So here I am once again, making my list. Without further… Read More »

2010 Resolutions : Looking Back

It is New Year’s Eve 2010 as I am writing this. I figured I’d take just a moment to look back on the resolutions I made for this year to see how I did. 1. Work on my relationship with God Check! Though I can’t really take credit. I was discussing this with my wife last night and was having some difficulty as to whether or not I should even have included this item. In Philippians 1:6 Paul writes, “…… Read More »

First Marathon : Done

I’ve never ridden in an ambulance before. More on that later… Race Day! The kids stayed the night at the grandparent’s house the night before. That would allow Aubrey (my wife) and I to get up early and be focused on getting everything I needed in the car and to the race on time. We woke up at 4:30 AM and got some breakfast (eggs and toast) and had a cup of coffee. Everything was basically ready from the previous… Read More »

First Marathon : No Turning Back

One of my 2010 New Year’s Resolutions was to run in my first marathon. I posted that on this blog and I also told everyone in my life who would listen because I wanted to build in a sense of accountability for keeping to that goal. I must report that my friends and family have been a huge support for me while training. I receive plenty of feedback inquiring as to how it is going and also positive encouragement. I… Read More »

Half Marathon Results

This past weekend, Saturday, November 28, 2009 to be exact, I ran in (and completed!) the Kaiser Realty Coastal 1/2 Marathon. This was one of the major landmarks in my #1 New Year’s Resolution of 2009 and I am extremely satisfied to have made the goal. Early Start It was a very early morning; we got the kids up and in the van and headed over to Orange Beach, AL around 5:30 AM arriving at the sport complex around 6:45… Read More »

Gearing Up For The Race

Well, it is Wednesday before the big race and I’m getting mentally and physically prepared. I ran a quick 2 miles yesterday and will do the same today just to stay loose, but no running after today. I want to be fully recovered and rested before the half marathon. The bad thing is my son just got sick this week with some sort of stomach virus, which the doctor’s office is saying lasts around 5 days… swell. My wife has… Read More »

Race Results – Pensacola Double Bridge 15K

Well, I’m feeling great! And a little sore… and tired. I just completed one of the goals that I made for myself for this year in running, by completing the 2009 Pensacola Double Bridge Run (15k). It was a very early, dark and cold morning (not too cold). The kids and Aubrey got up with me and drove me down to the starting area where they left me. I did short little jog to warm up and then stretched. After… Read More »

Resolution 1) Running / Training

Well, this year I have “resolved” to increase my training in the area of running/jogging. In my original post I specified 3 goals that I wanted to reach. I’d like to take a little time to talk about these goals in detail, how I will obtain the goals and how I’ve been doing so far.   1) Pensacola Double Bridge Run (15k) It’s been my goal to run in the Pensacola Double Bridge Run for several years now and something… Read More »

Running And Worshipping

Today I had a slight hiccup in my iPod running experience that turned out to be pretty cool. When I was selecting the music for my run I had originally selected a trance/dance mix as usual. However when I pushed the button to start my Nike+ workout it reverted to a shuffle of my entire iPod. No problem as most of the stuff on my iPod Nano is running oriented anyway. The interesting thing was that the first song it… Read More »