Well, this has been an exciting month for us as I’m sure it has been for many people. Ragan started 1st grade at Alethia Christian Academy. It is a major change from a large Kindergarden room with many “centers” and friends sitting together around tables to a smaller room, desks in a row, and no centers. She seems to really be enjoying it already though. She’s excited about the year ahead. Gavin started Preschool this month at Alethia as well. He ran to his class on the first day and told me that he loves going to school. I (Aubrey) am dealing with a changing identity with two children in school and only Avery at home, but so far, I’m enjoying this new stage. Avery continues to be such a sweet girl. At 12 weeks and 16.1 lbs she is an arm full of love. We are enjoying watching her grow and develop into an alert, observant, little baby. She loves to hear Ragan sing to her and watch Gavin as he plays with his many bugs and dinosaurs all around her. They both change their voices to a sweet high-pitched tune when they interact with her and you can tell she loves it by the way her whole body smiles in response. Both Ragan and Gavin began playing soccer for the YMCA here in town and have their first games on August 26th. We can’t wait to attend our first games. Jonathan continues to work at Smart Cop. He has started running early in the mornings and is loving the rush of adrenaline he gets from that.

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Avery’s 6 weeks

We can hardly believe that Avery is already 6 weeks old! Time flew by too quickly and now our newborn baby is 12.2 lbs! Yes, we did it again…a big baby. She is such a happy little lady and we are thankful for her. She caught her first cold this past week and had to visit the Dr. Poor baby really doesn’t appreciate the saline drops and suctioning that is taking place around here. Milestones include smiling at her Daddy and I, ahh-goo sounds, blowing rasberries, a trip to the movies, and her first shower. I must say that she loves the shower.
Ragan and Gavin have been very active this Summer, although I was worried that they would be bored to death since we just had a baby, and they have done lots of fun things with friends and family…Vacation Bible School, swimming at Grahm & Grandaddy’s, the Movies (Ice Age 2 & Curious George), trips to the library & various playdates with friends. Ragan got her hair cut to her shoulders and she absolutely loves it! Her Daddy is especially pleased with his big girl’s new do. She feels so happy that Mommy is no longer working on the tangles in her hair. Gavin is really becoming more social. He asks to go places with people and is venturing out away from Mommy more. He is really growing up and becoming a polite little man. We enjoy watching him love on Avery by rubbing her hair and sniffing it so that it tickles his nose. Both of the kids love her and have been very attentive and helpful. We feel so blessed!

First Month With Avery

Our first month with Avery has truly been a blessing.  She is so peaceful and sweet.  We sure didn’t understand the turn of events that occurred before actually getting pregnant with her, but we now know that God’s timing is the best timing.  We are so happy with the way that Ragan and Gavin are loving and welcoming her into our home without jealousy and just longing to be close to her.  The biggest question we get is “Can I hold her now?”.  Avery continues to lock eyes with us longer and even a slight “ah-goo” as we change her diapers and talk together.  She is currently still sleeping in a bassinet next to our bed and that is working out well.  At her two week check-up she had gained a few ounces (9 lbs.) and 1/2 an inch.  In this month (June) we have enjoyed a visit from Aunt Carassa and Uncle Andy.  They drove down from Memphis, TN and met Avery.  It was a special time.  The kids enjoyed being spoiled by them when they were treated to water guns and a big water fight in the back yard!  On June 19th we were able to share in a “freedom call” with our cousin Charles who is serving in Iraq.  He watched his 3rd son celebrate his 1st birthday!  It was an amazing and emotional event that we were so honored to be a part of.  Enjoying the ride….Aubrey

Avery Is Born

Hello Everyone!

We’re proud to announce that Avery Noel Franzone was born Wednesday, May 24, 2006 at 5:46 PM (almost 2 weeks early). Aubrey went into labor Wednesday morning and by her scheduled doctor appointment at 2:30 she was having contractions about every 5 minutes. They sent us over to the hospital to be monitored. By the time they got Aubrey hooked up to the monitoring equipment she was having contractions every 2 minutes. They called our doctor and she was there within an hour delivering our new baby.

Avery was a big girl at 8 lbs 14.2 oz and she had a head full of dark brown hair. The c-section went really well and everything was just as smooth as it could have been. Thank you all for your prayers and support!

Jonathan, Aubrey, Ragan, Gavin and Avery