Saga Of The Cancelled Flight

Prologue I had been out of town on business for a week. Friday I started seeing signs of sickness; mainly the fact that I was trying desperately not to cough one of my lungs out. I flew out of Minneapolis around 5:30 PM on Friday, February 29 and should have been arriving at my home in Pensacola, FL sometime around 11:00 PM. However, fate had something else in mind… Act I, Scene I “Ladies and gentlemen, flight XYZ to Pensacola… Read More »

In The Home Stretch – Alaska

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. To tell you the truth I’ve actually been a little down. I figure it’s a combination of missing my family so much, being so dern cold and being in such a boring city. I suppose I could get out and do more adventure type stuff, but all of that is pretty expensive. Luckily… I’m coming home on Saturday! Hooray! The weather was actually pretty nice for several days. The temperature rose above… Read More »

Heat Wave In Alaska!

Not really what you would consider a heat wave, but it has been noticeably warmer than it was. For instance today it is a nice, balmy 14°F (that’s above zero). It is a very nice relief to have this much of an increase in temperature. I can actually go outside without my hat and gloves on and be fine. We also had quite a bit of snowfall yesterday, about 8 inches is the common consensus. That was quite beautiful to… Read More »

Countdown To Homecoming

I just wanted to post a quick not to say that I’ve placed a countdown timer on the sidebar for when I’ll be home. Only ten more days! Yay! Anyway, if you are viewing this from anywhere outside of the website you can click through to the site to see the countdown. It’s on the upper right hand side of the main page.

Minus 37 Degrees /crying

Ice fog is any kind of fog where the droplets have frozen into extremely tiny crystals of ice in midair. Generally this requires temperatures at or below −35°C (−30°F), making it common only in and near the Arctic and Antarctic regions. (From Wikipedia entry on fog) Today was cold. When we first arrived it was the type of cold where you go outside and shiver and laugh about how cold it is. Today when I had to go outside I… Read More »

Chena Hot Springs And The Ice Museum

Sunday we headed out of town about 60 miles to the Chena Hot Springs Resort. Many people have repeated that this was a must see if you come to Alaska. Not only do they have the hot springs that you can dip into (if you dare), but they also have an ice museum. This sounded like a pretty cool outing and it did not disappoint. On the way there we saw a lot more of the beautiful Alaskan country. We… Read More »

My Coldest Weather Yet In Alaska

This is more of a pictorial post. The following are some pictures around my work building (and inside). Yesterday (Saturday, January 12, 2008) was at that time the coldest day that I had yet experienced. It started out cold and stayed cold… about minus 25° F. I was actually working too… yeah on a Saturday 🙁 We have a fairly tight deadline to deliver a release of the product this coming up Thursday so the whole team pulled together on… Read More »

When Will The Cold End? Alaska

Nothing new or interesting to tell today, only I think I am about done with the cold. I’m not really all that infatuated with the snow any longer either. I guess that’s just the way it goes, though it would probably help if I had my family with me. I really miss my lady and my children. One thing new is that our office reorganized seating arrangements. This was to accommodate four additional software engineers from Regis Corporation that are… Read More »

Snowboarding In Alaska

Sunday my friend and I made our way up to the Moose Mountain Ski Resort for a bit of snowboarding. Oh and before you get the wrong idea the word resort is used very loosely here. Continue story. We were both new to snowboarding so we rented our gear and bought a pass for the bunny hill, aka Moose Meadow… how cute. Well, as it turns out it’s not so cute for beginners! More on that later. One of the… Read More »

Walking In The Snow – Alaska

Today I got out with my partner in crime and we drove around a bit. A few people told us that we could find some nice views at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Ok, I’m down with that. So we headed over there and got some nice snapshots. You can view them by clicking the header image above. There was a set of metal steps that went down a path pretty steeply, and we actually walked it. I thought a… Read More »