Pensacola Marathon 2013 Wrap Up

This past weekend on Sunday, November 10, 2013 I ran in the Pensacola Marathon. My wife, Aubrey, also participated in her very first half marathon. We had a great time and it was, for the most part, a great day. Aubrey finished her race well and with a very decent time. I however, well, where to begin? I think a definition is the right way to start. DNF (Did Not Finish) In racing Did Not Finish (DNF) denotes a participant… Read More »Pensacola Marathon 2013 Wrap Up

Happy Birthday To Me!

No, it’s not actually my birthday.  My birthday has come and gone.  I did, however, finally pick up my birthday gift.  A lot of my friends and family pitched in money for me to be able to get a new office chair as my other one broke several months ago and I’ve been using a whicker kitchen chair as a replacement… not too comfortable. Anyway, I wanted to say THANKS! to everyone who donated to the “Save Jonathan’s back while… Read More »Happy Birthday To Me!

Who Is John Franzone?

Not me! Try as you might, I go by the full blown thing… Jonathan. Additionally, I am not the chairman of the Maryland Racing Commission as is this guy. There isn’t anything in this article (Tracks balking at slots campaign) that has anything to do with family, parenting or anything else that I blog about. I just happened to run across another “John” Franzone and thought it was funny. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming. 🙂