What If Birds Could Fry?

Gavin, my five-year-old son and I were driving home from eating dinner out with the family tonight. He looked up at the sky and said, “Daddy, look at all of those birds.” I looked up and there were dozens of black birds perched up high on the power lines above the highway we were on. I am always interested in what my children find fascinating about the world around them and so I tried to engage him in some conversation… Read More »What If Birds Could Fry?

Coed Baby Showers… Who Said We Wanted To Come!?

I have three children and we had three coed baby showers. I have friends with children. Yep. Coed baby showers. Guess what. We didn’t want to be there! We? It’s the men I’m referring to. I did some research on the topic and all of the guides and so called etiquette says pretty much the same thing. All written by women I’m sure (yeah, go ahead. Bring on the comments!) Baby showers that have both men and women attending are… Read More »Coed Baby Showers… Who Said We Wanted To Come!?

Crazy Family Photos

Just so you know… it’s not just me. My entire family is crazy. Here is the proof. Click on the collage to view the entire wacky album We were getting the kids ready for bed Thursday night and got to playing around and being goofy. Ragan started making funny faces and showing everyone so I told her to let me get a picture of it. Well that started a trend and we all got pictures of our funny faces. Well,… Read More »Crazy Family Photos