18 Years: Remembering Our Honeymoon

My beautiful bride and I were wed on May 18, 1996. It is hard to fathom this reality, but we have been married for 18 years this day. It has been a journey filled with many stories, one of which I would like to share, a story from the very beginning.

Aubrey and I honeymooned in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It really is a beautiful area and we both loved the mountains. We still sometimes reminisce about the bed and breakfast we stayed at. It sat on the side of a mountain and had floor to ceiling windows with which to enjoy the views.

What better way to immerse ourselves into this beautiful, mountainous wonderland than to take a guided mountain tour… on horseback? Sounded like a good idea. So we found a place that offered this experience and arrived with much anticipation. The tour group was small and intimate, perfect! It was just the two of us and our guide. How romantic.

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Daddy Wants A New Hair-Do

I’m not sure any of you remember my hair braiding incident earlier this year, but it really got me to thinking about hair styles and more importantly… experimenting with mine. I have a long standing agreement with a good friend of mine that before I cut my hair short the next time I will wear a mullet for at least a week and be sure to go into the office of wherever it is I work for at least one… Read More »Daddy Wants A New Hair-Do

Jonathan Braided

This weekend we went over to some good friends house that had invited us for dinner. They are a Jamaican couple and at some point during the night Aubrey brought up to them that I had mentioned wanting to “corn row” my hair. The lady kindly obliged and let me know she’d be glad to braid my hair for me. It took about an hour and the reactions from my family were somewhat mixed. My wife said it looked freaky,… Read More »Jonathan Braided


Friday night I went out to eat with my family. Indecision and suggestions floated around until Mexican was decided upon. Great! It’s been a long stressful day and I had in mind one humongous margarita. Strike One Having arrived at the restaurant and been seated the waitress came to take our drink orders. A quick question revealed that there was no bar at this particular Mexican restaurant. What!? A Mexican restaurant without a bar; who’s ever heard of such a… Read More »Buddy

Funny Golden Girls Music Video

This is a hilarious music video featuring a smash up of Pistol Youth and The Golden Girls. Absolutely hilarious! Thanks to Scott Johnson for the post/link. I actually dual posted this over to my other blog as well (it’s just THAT funny). Pistol Youth – In My Eyes from Pistol Youth on Vimeo.

May I Take Your Order?

I stumbled across this blog post that had me laughing and in stitches. I seriously haven’t read anything this funny in a while. Apprently some guy was overseas and went out to eat at a nice restaurant. His wife informed him that the menu was in English as well. The mangled English translation was so good that the guy bought the menu from the restaurant and then posted pieces of it on his blog with commentary. Absolutely hilarious! WARNING: There… Read More »May I Take Your Order?

Men’s Brain vs Women’s Brain

Here is a hilarious video from Mark Gungor on the differences between men’s and women’s brains and how their thought processes differ. * Click through to the site if you cannot see the video

Outsourcing Your Child Care

This video is absolutely hilarious! Please click through to the site if you are reading via email or RSS and click to watch the video. You won’t regret it. Report: Many U.S. Parents Outsourcing Child Care Overseas