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The Human Race (10K Run)

So yesterday I met a goal that I had made for myself of running a 10k. The race that I participated in was sponsored by Nike and was titled The Human Race. This was because it took place all over the world and you did not necessarily have to be at a particular location. How is this possible? The Human Race The Human Race sponsored by Nike was a 10k race that took place in major cities around the world… Read More »The Human Race (10K Run)

Return of the Migraine

It’s been over four months since I had a migraine, so I guess I’ve started to forget what they were like. It’s almost as if I never had them; just a faint memory of a bad time in my life. Yesterday evening it struck again though. It was very unexpected. Right after dinner the kids, Aubrey and I were playing “hide and seek” in the house; one of Avery’s favorite games. I was perfectly fine though I started noticing a… Read More »Return of the Migraine

Are You Feeling Depressed?

Not anymore! I must admit that my month long stint in Fairbanks, Alaska brought on some serious feelings of depression. I’m not sure if it was the darkness or separation from my family or both. My suspicion is that it was option C… both. I’m so glad to be back in Florida, though and the weather has been oh so accommodating. It has been in the low 70s this past week; perfect weather. Back on the topic of depression. I… Read More »Are You Feeling Depressed?

Running And Worshipping

Today I had a slight hiccup in my iPod running experience that turned out to be pretty cool. When I was selecting the music for my run I had originally selected a trance/dance mix as usual. However when I pushed the button to start my Nike+ workout it reverted to a shuffle of my entire iPod. No problem as most of the stuff on my iPod Nano is running oriented anyway. The interesting thing was that the first song it… Read More »Running And Worshipping