Michael Bublé In Concert

Ladies (and gentlemen possibly), Michael Bubl̩ is coming to concert at the Pensacola Civic Center Friday, October 17, 2008! Presale tickets are starting today (September 11, 2008) and cost in the range of $49.50 Р$79.50. Onsale to the general public begins tomorrow (September 12, 2008).

Who is Michael Bublé, you ask? He is a Canadian big bad singer born September 9, 1975 (he’s the same age as I am!) who has won several awards including a Grammy and multiple Juno Awards. His success in the United States came about with his 2005 album, It’s Time.

Happy Birthday Aubrey!

Goofy Franzone TroopIt’s my beautiful bride’s birthday today, so I would like to wish her a Happy Birthday!

I remember one time when Aubrey and I were dating during our days at Pensacola Junior College. We had gone to a recital at the school and she rode with me. It was time for me to take her home which was over the I-10 bridge East to Milton. We were talking about this and that and I said somewhat jokingly, “Hey, let’s just run off to Tallahassee!” She said, “OK, let’s do it.” So we drove right past the exit to Avalon Blvd in Milton and headed East. Of course both of us had enough combined common sense to know that this would not be a good idea. We only rode as far as Crestview and then turned back. It was kind of exciting though to think about being young and impetuous and running off on an adventure together.

Well, baby we did finally make it to Tallahassee! And beyond. Life with you has been the greatest adventure I could ever have hoped for and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Happy Birthday, baby. I love you.

New And Improved

Welcome to the new and improved Franzone Family Blog! We’re so glad you decided to join us for more wacky and fun stories. I hope to start updating more now that I have this site upgraded and ready to go. Who knows… I might even be able to get Aubrey to start writing some. 😉

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