Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a great Holiday season. I know that we did. It was very relaxing around here. No traveling and we only made a trip to each of our parents’ houses for Christmas.

Ragan and Gavin each got a brand new Gameboy Advance and they are putting them to very good use. I’ll say this… the car trips have been a lot less “chatty”. lol

Sorry my wife is correcting my lame grammar as I’m writing this post.

Anyway our New Year was very good too. We had a chili cook-off at Aubrey’s parents house and Aubrey was the 1st place winner! w00t for the Franzones! (Sorry had to put a little 733t speak in there in case any of my geek friends were reading this)

I also changed the site theme since it is no longer Christmas. Hope everyone has a wonderful new year and that you can stay on track with any resolutions you may have made. I know I’ve fallen off the wagon already… just the first week 🙁

Avery Is Born

Hello Everyone!

We’re proud to announce that Avery Noel Franzone was born Wednesday, May 24, 2006 at 5:46 PM (almost 2 weeks early). Aubrey went into labor Wednesday morning and by her scheduled doctor appointment at 2:30 she was having contractions about every 5 minutes. They sent us over to the hospital to be monitored. By the time they got Aubrey hooked up to the monitoring equipment she was having contractions every 2 minutes. They called our doctor and she was there within an hour delivering our new baby.

Avery was a big girl at 8 lbs 14.2 oz and she had a head full of dark brown hair. The c-section went really well and everything was just as smooth as it could have been. Thank you all for your prayers and support!

Jonathan, Aubrey, Ragan, Gavin and Avery