Save Our Tree

My wife and kids are extremely disgruntled and saddened today. Our next door neighbor has contacted the owner of our house (yes, we rent… I know it’s evil) to arrange for it’s removal. Once a year in the spring the tree sheds an enormous amount of tree pollen that covers both ours and our neighbors front yards. My wallet will be saddened as well when the power bill goes up; the tree is the only thing shading the front side of our house. Farewell, mighty oak… farewell.

Save Our Tree

How To Tie The Perfect Tie

I came across this interesting video of a guy (Timothy Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Work Week) showing on video how to tie the perfect tie. He is using a Windsor knot. I just thought it was kind of interesting. If any of you guys out there would like a quick rundown on the Windsor just head over and click Play!

His name was the “Egyptian magician.”

Well, that was his nickname, anyway. He lived down the hall from me my sophomore year of high school and delighted in laughing at my mangled attempts at wearing neckties…

How to Tie the Perfect Tie Every Time