In Loving Memory : Sydney Franks

Sydney Horseback Riding

Sydney Franks was in my son’s Pre-K class this year. They had an unusually small class so all of the kids were very close. She had a heart transplant at a very early age, but nothing got her down. She had a smile that lit up the room and a laugh that warmed your heart. My son was quoted as saying that, “she looks very pretty in pink.” Sydney has gone home to be with the Lord now and so while the heavens rejoice at her homecoming… we are all silent and speechless.

Sydney with Mommy and little brother

Our deepest condolences go to the Franks family. I have three children of my own, including two daughters and a son and I cannot fathom the depths of emotion that I would be feeling under those circumstances. Please know that there is an army of people who love and care for you and are praying around the clock for you.

It is always hard to know exactly what to say when there is a loss of loved ones. Especially the loss of one so young. So instead of saying anymore I will just let a few more pictures say the rest as we remember Sydney’s beautiful life.

Hugging “Miss Lori”, Sydney’s teacher.

Sydney Hugs Miss Lori

Gavin and Sydney

Gavin (my son) and Sydney.
Listening in class.



You’re in Jesus’ hands now, Sydney. We will miss you.
  • My wife found this article on helping your child grieve. Just thought I’d pass it along. It’s from Focus on the Family: How to Help Your Child Grieve.

  • Her precious, meek, gentle spirit is missed already and I am so sorry for how she went and the sorrow her parents are feeling and for the days that are ahead. I cannot even fathom what they are going through and find it too painful to even let myself go there. My heart also breaks for Gavin, my son, who loved his friend and is trying to understand what has happened. My prayers are with Sydney’s family…you had a precious angel in your life. Thank you for sharing her with us! We are blessed because of knowing her.

  • Dove Bogan

    My heart breaks for Sydney’s family. She is in the arms of Jesus. We missed not getting to know Sydney, but she was well prayed for by David and me during her heart transplant surgery and tests. Now she is in heaven with David…something none of us understand. Heaven is blessed, but we are left with an empty place in our hearts and lives. I am praying for her family and all those who loved her. Even though I have lost my best friend, my husband, I cannot imagine what the Franks are going through with losing little Sydney. She was a special little girl loved and prayed for by many. May God wrap his loving arms around you!

  • Lorraine

    Sydney’s short life was made so much fuller by the awesome time she had in her first year at school. Gavin, Mattlyn, Sammy, Hannah, Loren, Hannah Grace, Tessa and Connor, helped her know what having a real “friend” meant. They made her little face light up just at the mention of school. She had the opportunity to learn how to share special moments in her life with real friends. All her new friends made her so comfortable. It was truly amazing to see how 9 little kids and one wonderful teacher could share so much and become their own special family in such a short year. She was so blessed to have all these kids in her life and she loved each and every one of them in a very special way. Thank you to the parents who have raised these children to realize compassion, love, and understanding. Sydney was truly blessed by each and every one of these children and may she always be with them as their guardian angel. God bless you!!!!