Crazy Family Photos

Just so you know… it’s not just me. My entire family is crazy. Here is the proof.

Click on the collage to view the entire wacky album

We were getting the kids ready for bed Thursday night and got to playing around and being goofy. Ragan started making funny faces and showing everyone so I told her to let me get a picture of it. Well that started a trend and we all got pictures of our funny faces. Well, except for Avery of course.

Anyway I love chances to be silly with my kids. I can be such a serious dad and feel like I’m always on them to “be careful” and “do things right” and “blah blah blah”. It’s good to be able to break free from all of that and just have some fun with your kids. If you can commemorate the event in photos and post it on your blog… even better! Then they can point it out to you years from now when you’re an old codger.

  • Jonathan

    Oh WOW!! Your son’s face in IMG_2926 reminds me so much of your little sister! Amazing.

  • It was a lot of fun cutting up with you and the kids! Let’s do it again some time. Thanks for capturing our silliness! I love you!